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Hello cuties! My name is Sasu <3
i draw mostly homestuck (JK ONLY TAVROS HAHAHHA ) and sometimes videogames

The tags are under the "♉" symbol

My skype is: monstersalad



aw I just love saasu’s entstuck au a ton!(also their art)So I decide to draw something for it.~
Anonymous: Entstuck please!!!

hhhhhhhhhh yes my babies, soon

Anonymous: u alive?

yes i am

Anonymous: Your art is so kawaii just n59843u509j3grblt <3333

aaa thank you so much anon ;v; smoochies

donteatmyfuckingpie: YOUR ART STYLE IS SO CUTE I HHHHHH


Anonymous: I miss you drawing tavros all the time :(

awww—- ;~; really anon-chan??? i thought everyone was tired of me drawing tavros hahaha

here, deep in the forest
f  o   r   g   i   v   e      and      f   o   r   g   e   t